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CNMI Unified State Plan

In partnership with the CNMI State Rehabilitation Council (SRC), the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) annually updates its State Plan for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Supported Employment Services. As a result of the passage of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA), however, OVR's State Plan is now aligned and incorporated into a Unified State Plan with the CNMI’s other workforce development partners. The State Plan now includes VR services under Title IV in the Unified State Plan that was submitted to the U.S. Department of Labor on April 01, 2016 for approval and implementation by July 1, 2016.  The plan includes 4 program years, FY 2017-2020.

The VR Portion of the Unified State Plan (Title IV of WIOA) provides a blueprint for how the Program will achieve service goals and commitments. Vocational Rehabilitation Services continue to be an important part of the CNMI’s future economic success. VR employment programs provide training and employment services to individuals with disabilities so they can become and/or remain employed. As an agency we are interested in hearing your comments for our overall planning purposes and would like for this process to be as transparent as possible to people with disabilities and to our partners including both public and private employers. You can access the Unified State Plan at (see link below), or at our partners websites at: CNMI Department of Labor - Workforce Investment Agency.

Questions, comments, or requests for additional information and/or alternative formats can be directed to:

Office of  Vocational Rehabilitation

P.O. Box 501521 Saipan, MP  96950

Phone: (670) 322-6537

Fax: (670) 322-6548


2016 CNMI Unified State Plan


**The March DDEAM Conference A Big Success**

The CNMI’s Disability Network Partners (DNP) celebrated Developmental Disabilities and Employment Awareness Month in March of 2016.  Valued CNMI Employers, Consumers, Students, Stakeholders and Partners all took part in the very first Development Disabilities and Employment Awareness Month (DDEAM) Conference. Training sessions/presentations during the statewide conference afforded the participants the opportunity to learn about the current issues affecting disability and employment in our island community.  Exhibits from various agencies also allowed for networking with disability-related partners who were in attendance to showcase their respective programs and services.

The Honorable Governor Ralph DLG Torres entertained conference participants with a proclamation signing declaring March 2016 as Developmental Disabilities and Employment Awareness Month.

The DNP is comprised of various community organizations that have banded together for the purpose of breaking down barriers that prevent the integration and full inclusion of people with developmental and other disabilities in all aspects of our community including our workplaces. The 2016 DDEAM Conference was made possible in part by:

CNMI Assistive Technology Program

Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency

CNMI Council on Developmental Disabilities

Department of Labor

CHCC - Maternal & Child Health Bureau

NMC-University Ctr. for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

DC&CA - Division of Youth Services

Northern Marianas Protection and  Advocacy Systems Inc.

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Statewide Independent Living Council

State Rehabilitation Council

The DNP would like to thank the following for exhibiting their programs at the 2016 DDEAM Conference:

Ayuda Network Inc. - Commonwealth Respite Program

Center for Living Independently

Commonwealth Office on Transit Authority

CNMI Assistive Technology Program

DCCA - Division of Youth Services

Disability Network Partners

Early Intervention Services

PSS - Americorps.  &  Cooperative Education Program

PSS - Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)

Statewide Independent Living Council


Below are the available power point presentations from the Conference: 

Disabilities Awareness Etiquette: NMPASI

ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG): NMPASI

Employer’ Tax Credit: DOF – Division of Revenue & Tax

IEP vs. 504 Plan: VOICES of Tinian and OVR

IPE and Appeals: OVR

Vocational Rehabilitation Transition: OVR

Reasonable Accommodations & AT in the Workplace:  CDD-Assistive Technologies Program

Engaging Employer’s in Lifespan Respite: Commonwealth Respite Program

Recognizing Abuse & Neglect: DCCA-Division of Youth Services

Workforce Ready: NMC - UCEDD




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